Robert Bolognesi

Robert Bolognesi is a nivologist and the director of the Meteorisk bureau in Sion, where he has studied avalanches for more than 35 years. In addition to his scientific work, he manages, since 2000, an artistic and cultural initiative with editorial activities and exhibitions related to his domain: snow and ice. Scientist, adventurer and artist; halfway between Professor Calculus, Indiana Jones and Frison-Roche, the international avalanche specialist joined ISTA to share his competences, his analysis and his vision of the mountains.

Recent work

- Numerical methods in avalanche prevention research
- Nivology software development

- Training for guides, ski instructors and patrolmen
- Supervisory of engineering students and doctors

- “Ice – Voyage au pays des icebergs (2009-2013)”
- “Snow - Voyage au centre de la neige (2005-2011)”
- “Neiges et avalanches (2000-2004)”

- “Collection Florineige. Editions le Vent des Cimes, 2013-2015”
- “Revue semestrielle Meteo-Magazine, 2007-2015”
- “Ice. Livre de photographies artistiques, exemplaires numérotés, 2013”