Pierre Pfefferlé

Pierre Pfefferlé is the director of Sports Services at University and EPF Lausanne. Holder of a Masters degree in Sports Sciences and certified a snow sports instructor, he is a recognised specialist of the field of skiing. Swiss Snowsports Expert (SSSA) since 1983, he has been an instructor for more than 15 years for this association. Since 1997, he is in charge of the training for students of the Institute for Sports Sciences of the University of Lausanne in the field of snow sports.

His implication in the worlds of academics, teaching and sports brought him to write several articles, speak at various conferences and collaborate to the edition of different publications. In 2014, he published « Enseigner le ski; des fondamentaux à l’action technique ». Before that, in 2001, he published with Isabelle Liardet « Enseigner le sport ; de l’apprentissage à la performance ».

In our opinion, Sports Services at University and EPF of Lausanne collaborating with ISTA signifies extending one of our missions to the world: encourage individuals to sustainably integrate thought-out physical activity in one’s way of living. Reflexion and sustainability are crucial in the Alpine world. The first contributing strongly to reaching the second. ISTA has he ambition of training the skier to better enjoy the mountain. We make our competences available to all specifically to further this purpose.