Stephan Siegrist

Stephan Siegrist was born 1972 in Meikirch, Switzerland. On a good day, the beautiful Bernese Alps can be seen from the small urban village just outside of Bern.
Upon completing his school studies, Stephan pursued an apprenticeship as a carpenter.
Shortly after, the mountains would win Stephan over after his first ski tour awoke the passion that would later become his career. He decided to further his training this time as a UIAGM mountain guide.
Since the age of 26 years, Stephan has earned his living as a professional alpinist and mountain guide. He now lives in Ringgenberg with his wife and family and has recently joined the ISTA family.
Stephan is also a SBV guide aspirants trainer.


- First Ascent Kishtwar Shivling East Summit (5895m); second Ascent Khistwar Shivling
- First Ascent Shiepra (5885m); Route „Maaji“, South Face (WI3 IV 700Hm)
- First Ascent Kharagosa (5840m); Route „Pinky“, East Face (M6 6a 1000Hm)
- Second winter ascent of the west face of Cerro Torre,– Patagonia 2013
- Dufour Spitz Highline, Switzerland; highest high-line to date in Europe, 2013
- Winter ascent of the Cerro Stanhardt. First climber to successfully achieve winter ascents of all three best known peaks of the Cerro Torre massif in Patagonia, 2012
- Matterhorn Highline, 2012
- New route “Yoniverse” on the Cerro Kishtwar as well as first ascent of the White Sapphire, Kashmir Himalaya, India, 2011
- Torre Egger, first winter ascent, Patagonia, 2010
- New route “Bärenstier” on Mont Blanc du Tacul, France, 2010
- Asan, Pik Slesova -Kirgizstan, 2009
- Route „Magic Mushroom“Pilz, Eiger North Face;
- first redpoint climb of the route in combination of a basejump, 2009
- Expedition Queen – Maudland (Holtanna/ Ulvetanna), Antarctica, 2008
- New route on the Eiger North Face: „La Paciencia“, 2008
- Ascent of all 4 Torres in Patagonia, 2008 (Cerro Torre / Torre Egger / Punta Herron / Cerro Standhardt)
- First ascent of the Arwa Tower North Face, in India/Himalaya, 2007
- First ascent of the northwest ridge on Thalay Sagar in India/Himalaya, 2006
- First ascent at El Chorro, sector Frontales Medias: Muchachito Bombo Inferno, Spain, 2006
- New route “Golden Eagle” on the south face of Aguja Desmochada, Patagonia, 2005
- Triology Bernese Oberland: North faces of the Eiger, Mönch and Jungfrau in 25hrs, 2004
- First ascent on the Eiger North Face “La Vida es Silbar”, 2003
- Eiger “Retro” – North Face with hobnailed boots and hemp ropes, 2002
- New route on the Eiger: “Young Spider” via the white spider, 2001
- First climb of all 6 towers of the Castleton Group in Arches National Park (Utah)
on one day, 2001
- First winter ascent of the west face of Cerro Torre, Patagonia, 1999