Responsible Partners

In a rapidly growing sector with an ever-increasing exposure, ISTA is privileged to work with a unique and growing group of partners.
All our partners are strategic actors in the tourism, ski and extra-ski business sectors.
They joined forces with us because they share our vision, commitment and values.
Together, we have one common goal: to make the mountains safer thanks to a one-of-a-kind program and a recognized, legitimate label of quality.

Being a “Responsible ISTA Partner” means committing to our charter and its seven founding principles:

1. Education
2. Competence
3. Communication
4. Reach
5. Community
6. Responsibility
7. Respect

Support from our partners allows all members who benefit from an ISTA training to be rewarded for their effort and investment. They gain access to exclusive offers on gear, travel and tourism as a prize for their hard work during the training, fully offsetting its cost. We are committed to giving all ISTA-certified members rewards that match the cost of their training.

It doesn’t get any better than this!

Do you love mountains and powder?
Would you like more freedom, pleasure and safety?
Do you care for yourself and for your friends?

Whether you’re an individual, a ski/mountain professional or a potential strategic partner, join us!
Together, we’ll make the mountain a safer place.

With ISTA, you will never ride alone!