The goal of the ISTA Charter is to affirm our vision, our values and our purpose.
Everyone who signs on to our charter recognizes the need to make the mountains safer and commits to making it happen.

ISTA partners are part of a united mountain community.
They understand, follow and apply our seven founding principles:

1. Education
2. Competence
3. Communication
4. Outreach
5. Community
6. Responsibility
7. Respect


Practitioners change, habits change—risks don’t.

Education is at the heart of our values. Our objective is to provide the skills and knowledge needed to evaluate and prevent risks in the mountains in order to increase safety. To do so, we have developed a program with a unique, innovative teaching method based on five pillars:

1- Simple, accessible language with universal terminology
2- Sequenced learning using our BDA© (Before, During, After) approach
3- Unique prevention-based methodology
4- Our HFSA© (Human Factors Self Assessment) tool to self-assess human factors
5- Progressive, certified instruction

All our courses are supported by training kits containing illustrated handbooks and intuitive procedures available in four languages (FR/EN/DE/IT).


Our tailored courses are created and designed by international experts.

We surround ourselves with highly skilled professionals who are certified by relevant bodies. Our courses were designed by over 40 specialists in 9 countries and 3 continents. Our experts come from the worlds of education, sports psychology, knowledge transfer, risk management, nutrition, meteorology and snow science. We also work with many snow sport professionals and specialists in research methods (guides and ski instructors). This unique, unprecedented pool of advanced skills is our strength.

ISTA training program courses are given exclusively by IFMGA (International Federation of Mountain Guide Associations) and AIARE (American Institute for Avalanche Research and Education) mountain guides and ski instructors who hold the highest national certifications. When you take an ISTA training course, you will be guided by international instructors who have received the proper specific training in their fields.


A multi-channel communication strategy

Communication—both digital and print—is a key component of our operation. Through flyers, events, social media, ambassadors, ISTA athletes and our network of professionals, we implement various initiatives to share our vision, values, mission and training program. ISTA invites its partners to spread the word through their own networks and communication channels.


Local action, international outreach

Our affiliated training centres allow us to offer ISTA training in multiple locations around the globe. Our goal is to raise awareness about our organization and drive outreach at both the national and international level. This is achieved through our commitment to knowledge sharing, our universal language, our standardized certifications and our network of partners.


You’ll never ride alone

We provide ISTA community members with an international platform where they can interact and get informed. This platform gives our slogan, “You’ll never ride alone,” its true meaning. It’s an indispensable source of knowledge, information and experience that brings together professionals and amateurs from around the world. This community shares and consolidates the common values of freedom, pleasure and safety.


Responsible, together

Our partner community is by our side to play a crucial role in sharing knowledge and best practices. Each partner commits, when selling sports gear (skis, snowboards, etc.), safety equipment (transceivers, probes, shovels, etc.), and survival gear (airbag packs, etc.), and delivering various services, to raise awareness among their clients and systematically advise them to undergo proper training. This responsibility also applies to their athletes and sales forces. All these efforts combine to create a circle of responsibility that involves all mountain sport stakeholders.

Gear is good, but knowledge is vital! Muscle up your brain!


Protect the natural playground

Nature is a magnificent playground that’s open to everyone. But enjoying it involves an increasingly delicate balance. We have a responsibility to protect our environment. Everyone who signs on to our charter and practises mountain sports has a duty to act respectfully and be considerate of people, plants and animals. They must commit to playing in harmony with the alpine environment and everyone else who enjoys it, without causing damage. This respect goes beyond the mountain. That’s why everyone who signs on to this charter, ISTA included, commits to adopting respectful behaviour in their everyday lives as well.

Let’s work together to make the mountains safer!